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Protecting children starts with basic economic security of the parents and strengthening the situation of women in the community. Women who are financially independent and trained, have a greater chance of having a say over their lives as well as their children’s and can better negotiate balanced protective relationships, an important issue in preventing malnutrition, abuse and the spread of HIV. We seek to develop people socially, economically, emotionally and spiritually. Our sewing course is divided into modules and includes a life’s skills component and a business development component.

Keeping this in mind we have developed a tiered curriculum that whilst aiming to equip students with a complete set of skills and tools to run their own small business, also offers numerous exit opportunities for students that want to follow a different path.

The structure of the sewing school training consists of four levels. Level one is a basic sewing course that offers students the opportunity to use a domestic sewing machine. The idea with the level one course is to identify committed students that will continue with the follow up levels. The level two course focuses more on garment creation and practical skills. In the level three course there is a shift in the focus to job readiness. On this level we guide students through the process of using their practical skills in real economic environments. There are also earning opportunities for students through our enterprise development initiatives.
The level four course is geared towards applying practical skills to earn. Level four integrates our enterprise development modules and projects to create an environment wherein students learn how to earn with what they learned.

It is our philosophy that personal growth is as important as skills development.

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