Our teachers are honored to be a part of our children’s progress at this critical time of their development. At Bhongolethu Pre School, we acknowledge that the child’s first six years are critical for the development of the brain, language, and their physical, social and emotional growth. Bhongolethu provides children with a safe and nurturing education full of rich opportunities to learn. We provide a diverse, multicultural and non-discriminating approach, where differing needs, cultures and abilities are respected and valued within inclusive learning environments. This is an emotionally secure environment that is conductive to learning.

We are aware of young children’s development so we let them explore into our safe and rich environment and encourage them to use all their intelligence’s in learning new things around them. We realise that young children should be exposed to a world filled with responsive interactions so we carefully choose the activities we present to the children.

Every child deserves the best possible start in life and the support that enables them to fulfill their potential. When children are in a stimulating environment and are supported and encouraged, they become inspired to achieve.

Through this, they become contributing members of society. Bhongolethu has the belief in the uniqueness and potential of every child and will provide them with an individually suited education that takes into account the current educational landscape of South Africa.

Children will have a sense of belonging and they will take pride in being apart of the Bhongolethu Foundation and demonstrate care, compassion and mutual respect towards themselves and each other. The best interest in the well-being of every child is of priority to us.

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