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How your sponsorship helps

Every child has the right to a life free from poverty. When you sponsor child through Bhongolethu Foundation, your donation is funding Bhongolethu’s life-changing Family Centre where children attend a quality pre- and primary school and parents are enabled to sustain nurturing families. When we develop our programmes, we involve the family and community members from the start, ensuring we understand and address any challenges they face.

Sponsor a child

 When you sponsor a child, you empower an entire community to lift themselves out of poverty. Sponsoring a child is a rewarding experience. You will receive bi-annual updates on your child and you can write letters to your child. A minimum sponsorship for an individual child is R1000/month. Your sponsored child acts as a community representative and won’t receive special treatment over other children.

Sponsor a class

Any contribution towards a class sponsorship helps all the children to thrive. On the following pages find out more about the classes and choose to sponsor either the Kindergarten, one of the Pre or Primary school classes.

Sponsor a family

You have the chance to help an entire family develop the skills they need to create positive change for generations. You will receive biannual updates on your family. Your monthly donations will help fund the Family Centre which caters to the specific needs of our families, covering the areas of holistic education, skills and enterprise development and referral to other organisations as needed.

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

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Should you wish to make a donation in the UK, USA, Norway, Germany or Switzerland and receive donation certificates for tax purposes contact us on and we will make the necessary arrangements with our partners overseas.


Your donations are tax deductible. Local donors please use our South African Bank account to make EFT payments or set up a stop or debit order.


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